Feb 8/9 Set

** Updated Thurs Feb. 4th **
I made a lot of mistakes on the chords for "I See the Lord". They are corrected here.

** Updated: Sun, Feb 1. after talking to Pastor Henry **
- we are now singing Lamb of God and I See The Lord during the communion, and introducing I See The Lord before the sermon.
- there are slight changes to the chords in Lamb of God since it's not just an instrumental now
- we'll still do Indescribable even though WT1 did it today (next time I'll check with the previous team about their set. :) )

Order of Service – February 8, 2009

Filled With Your Glory (A)
• V1 PC1 C1 V2 PC2 C1 C2
• We will try to do it similar to Starfield in feel
• Electric guitar – learn intro and ending riffs
• Drums – learn chorus beat at minimum
• Keys – minimal pads, esp in verses

Indescribable (A)
• V1 C1 V2 C1 C2 and tag last line
• Instruments drop out in first bar-ish of V2 then land on beat 4 of 2nd bar (shots)

That's Why We Praise Him (G)
• V1 C1 V2 C1 Bridge C1 (breakdown, all instruments in at line 3), tag last line, interlude out
• laid-back, funk-styled, felt in two but counted in 4 (if you wish) – we’ll talk about this at practise
• Bass – learn rhythm for bass riff as per Julie’s ramblings on mp3
• Guitars – sparse funk-ish strums
• Piano – sparse funk-ish strums similar to guitar
• Keys – need a Rhodes or rock organ sound, sparse R.H. only

I See The Lord (E)
• we will introduce this song and reprise it again during communion

• Sing “Lamb of God” (A)
o V1 V2 C V3 C C
• Sing “I See The Lord” (E)
o lead sheet at http://www.leadworship.com/resources/pdf/bandcharts/See2.pdf
o V1 C1 interlude V1 C1 (harmonies and go to “last time line”) interlude riff and alternating with first line of chorus until end. End on Esus.
o Backgr ound singer: learn or come up with harmonies for 2nd time chorus
o Electric guitar: learn instrumental riff (it’s in the band chart)
o Acoustic guitar: arpeggiated chords mostly, sparse, or fingerpick

(Back pocket song: God of Wonders (G))

Julie's Comments

Hi again everyone! OK, I've made changes to the original .docx file to include some ideas as listed above for arrangements. I changed content and made it a .doc file, too, so please re-download even if you were able to open the original .docx.

Stuff to Listen To

  1. Please check out the .mp3 called "Feb 8-9 Set Preamble" attached to this page for a little audio preamble that me and my guitar and the piano have put together for you. Nyuk nyuk. I listened to it and I had to laugh at the improv-y sounds I make to get across my feel while I'm playing stuff and talking. Music school has really brought me out of my shell in that way! I never understood scat or liked the idea of making nonsense syllables before I went to school but now look at me saying, "Hey Matt, I need a bass that sounds like baum baum, da-da-da baum baum …" :)
  2. Starfield - Filled With Your Glory. We're going to try to do the song in this style.
  3. Tommy Walker - That's Why We Praise Him. We'll do this in a bit more of a funk style but this gives you an idea of the way the song sounds.
  4. Paul Baloche - I See The Lord. I have uploaded a copy of my .mp3 to this page.
  5. Paul Baloche - Please look at and print the band chart.

Instrumental Line-Up

Gideon and I were chatting about how to organize the instruments since we have duplicates of acoustic guitar and piano. We have decided that we'll jointly plan and lead the rehearsals but only one of us will be leading officially on a given Sunday. This is so that we don't cause distraction in the congregation (I don't know about you guys, but I get distracted when the song leadership moves between people — I never know who I should be looking at, and sometimes I'm watching the leader of the previous song and wondering why they aren't saying anything, then someone else starts singing or leading and this distracts me from worshipping, even for a split second.)

Generally I think we'll alternate who is leading on a Sunday, and I'm up on Feb 8. Gideon will be up the next time. When he is leading, he is going to try leading without the piano which means that Natalie will be on piano at those times. When I'm leading, I'd still like to play guitar sometimes but I don't need to play on all the songs so I will alternate with Ken. Since Gideon won't be playing piano when he's leading, he'll play piano when I'm leading and Natalie will be on keyboard and Rhoda on vocals. All in all, we will try to make sure everyone gets to play regularly and also try to make sure we have people who are *only* on vocals sometimes, so we can develop that part of ECAC worship (this is something the deacons have asked us to work on, too).

So for this week, this is the line-up, in no particular order:

Gideon - grand piano
Natalie - Korg keyboard
Rhoda - vocals
Ken - acoustic guitar on That's Why We Praise Him and I See The Lord, vocals on other songs
Julie - worship leader and acoustic guitar on Indescribable and Filled With Your Glory
Sam - electric guitar
Matt - bass
Andrew - percussion

… and that's a wrap! Happy practising! Give us a call if you need clarification on anything.

See you next Saturday between 7:30am and 8:00am to get set up. We will start promptly at 8:00am! Please bring your printed music.

Julie & Gideon

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