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i can try to lead again…maybe i can redeem myself for the horrible job i did last time…haha…

Re: Need leader for May 3 by matt-hiasmatt-hias, 25 Apr 2009 18:00

Hey guys,

I've just had a look at the new worship team schedule and it looks like WT1 is up on May 3.

As mentioned on Sunday, Gideon and I are leaving for Calgary on either May 2 or morning of May 3. We'll be away for 2 weeks in total (related to my new term job back in the corporate world … boo) so we'll be back in time for the next time WT1 is up, which is May 24.

So I am wondering if anyone else would be able to lead on May 3?

I also noticed on the schedule that WT1 is scheduled to be up on (I think) 3 out of 4 of the long weekends in the summer. I have asked Leon if he would mind distributing those dates more fairly — don't know about you guys but we like to try to get away to camp on a few of those long weekends typically!

Please reply to this thread if you're able to lead on May 3.


Need leader for May 3 by rareflowerrareflower, 23 Apr 2009 18:42

i'm going to be gone for april 17, 18, 19…so i can't do worship for that weekend. if we do worship on the easter sunday, i'm available to play.

Hi all,

I wanted to take a quick poll of you guys in regards to a request I received from Leon this week. WT3 would like to switch off from worship leading on April 12th because they were asked to lead the joint Good Friday service. I am wondering if you would be interested in leading worship on the 12th (this would mean that our team would be up two weeks in a row - the 12th and then the 19th). We are definitely committed to leading on the 19th, but the 12th is still up in the air. I wanted to hear from each of you if you would be interested in/have time to lead worship on the 19th also. (Reply to me or me and Julie personally and not to the group). Please don't feel any pressure to because I know this is a time commitment that was not asked of you in advance (plus I know that school gets hectic in April too). If you can let me know in the next few days, that would be great. Thank you!


Hi all,
Julie and I realized that our schedule at school during the first week of March was busy to the point where we felt that we couldn't put the adequate amount of time needed to organize a successful worship set. We chatted with the leaders from WT2 and they are cool with leading in our place on Mar 7/8. I think Leon will post a schedule change later, but we wanted to let you know that this has happened. Hopefully the time will be useful to you guys who are preparing for midterms! Take care!

Gideon and Julie

Cool … thanks!

As for music minute, I think you have lots you could talk about. For instance I would love to hear anything about choices for bass notes and what worship song arrangers should keep in mind when writing/arranging for bass. Or maybe about how you as a bassist make bass note / rhythmic choices when playing.

Or you could enlighten us on playing the cello. :D


PS You guys are welcome to come to both or either of Gideon's jury and/or my composition show. Gideon's show is free. The composition concert in the Haar is $10, $8 for students. I'm also presenting original songs (i.e. with lyrics, my singer-songwriter stuff) at a coffeehouse March 19 (free) and a final show in the Haar on April 4 ($10/$8).

And if you like guitar, you must come hear our friend Tim play. He was touring with Jon Bauer when he was in high school and he is an amazing guitarist. I am managing his show. I think it is on April 7th. Will keep you posted.

i think i might be able to. i believe i will have spring break that week. i can't guarantee any substantial music minutes tho…haha…actually, i can probably guarantee that i won't have much for music minutes…

This is well in advance but we were wondering if one of you guys would like to take the leadership reins for March 27/28th?

Gideon's final graduation jury (a free concert where Gideon will be playing a 45 min - 1 hour set of various types of music and various musicians as backing band) has been set for the evening of Friday, March 27.

Julie's final composition concert (similar setting - a night that showcases the composition students' original compositions) is set for Saturday, March 28th.

Both shows are in the Haar Theatre at MacEwan's west campus.

So trying to prepare to lead that weekend will be quite hairy for us. Would one of you like to/be able to take the lead that week?

I made lots of mistakes on the page in the Word doc. The band chart from Baloche's site was correct, of course. The corrected version that should be in the Word doc is below.

Please see this page.

Hey guys,

I received word yesterday from Pastor Henry that there may be time for an extra song on Sunday. So please practise God of Wonders, our "back pocket" song. I have let P.H. know that we may not do it after all, depending on how it goes during rehearsal, since it was added sort of "last minute" and I am trying to resist making last minute changes to the set after the "1 week ahead" mark.

So if you see this message, please practise God of Wonders and we'll see how it goes on Sat.!


at the Feb 7/8 set page…scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "files"

I don't even see where the mp3 is… so have yet to check it out. I don't know if there's a lot of instruction for vocals anyway.

Hey Matt,
It might be your computer. It works fine for me. I am on a MacBook, though, so it's quite well-integrated with the Quicktime plug-in. I have found that QuickTime plugins don't work well if you're using Firefox on a PC. Might have to try IE or can you download the .mp3 from the page?

Re: bass part — the only directions for the bass part are for the "That's Why We Praise Him". For the rest, play to the recording and your own thing. :)



For some reason, I can't hear your "mp3 ramblings"…dunno if it's just my computer…

also…you didn't have much direction in terms of the bass part…so do you just want me to play my own thing or play to the recording?

Q: What does a Rhodes sound like?

Q: What does a Hammond Organ sound like?

Q: More arrangement details about the keyboard parts?

  1. Filled With Your Glory - understated pads (quite soft)
  2. Indescribable - ditto
  3. That's Why We Praise Him - keys will sort of double the piano, but with right hand only and using a Rhodes or Hammond sound
  4. Lamb of God/I See The Lord instrumentals - perhaps just the odd color note/phrase here and there using a nice voice, no pads needed - i.e. just short solo phrases
  5. I See The Lord response song - understated pads (or a soft string sound), with very little movement (i.e. change chords pretty well at beginning of each bar)

im good for that time too:)

Re: Practice times by GuitarsamGuitarsam, 31 Jan 2009 14:24

I be there too!

Re: Practice times by gideonchoigideonchoi, 31 Jan 2009 08:40


The times and dates work for me too

Re: Practice times by Andrew_BoomStixAndrew_BoomStix, 30 Jan 2009 04:07

yay! it works!
I'm good for those times when i can make it.

Re: Practice times by RhodaLeeRhodaLee, 29 Jan 2009 05:53

Good job with the site so far Matt!

Re: Practice times by Nat-haleeNat-halee, 27 Jan 2009 06:17
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